Frequently Asked Questions

What are the deadlines for grant proposals?

An invitation to apply is required prior to submitting an application. Letters of inquiry must precede grant proposals.  Completed applications are due on March 31st and September 30th.

How often are proposals considered?

The Foundation considers proposals two times a year. The Board of Directors meets in May and November each year to review applications for grants.

What is the Foundations process for submitting a proposal?

The Foundation accepts applications for grants from qualified tax-exempt charitable organization primarily operating in California. Applicants are requested to communicate by means of an online Letter of Inquiry form outlining their request.  See How to Apply section.

What are the geographic limitations?

The Foundation directs its philanthropy to diverse communities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Are there areas in which you don't make grants?

The Foundation does not fund requests to individuals, fundraising events, dinners or to religious organizations when their principle activity is for the benefit of their own members. The Foundation does not advocate or promote any particular theories or doctrines in the area in which it may be interested. Scholarship support is only provided to nonprofit organizations. The Foundation also does not make grants to reduce previously incurred debt obligations or operating deficits. Grants are not made to organizations soliciting funds in support of projects or programs operated by other than the applicant.

Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?

The Foundation rarely makes multi-years grants and only to those that are of compelling need as determined by the Board of Directors.

Do you prefer to fund capital or program requests?

The Foundation is principally interested in providing improved or expanded services through programs already in operation. The Foundation will make grants for capital expenditures, such as equipment purchases, construction and renovation. The Foundation will also consider general operating expenses on a case by case basis.

Do you conduct site visits for grant request?

The Foundation believes that contact with applicant agencies is important. Site visits are conducted frequently. The Executive Director or Grants Manager reviewing your proposal will arrange site visits accordingly.

Can we find a list of grants the foundation has recently made?

A complete list of grants for the past four years can be found in the Foundation’s 990 PF under the What We Fund section.

Our letter of inquiry or grant proposal was declined. When may we resubmit?

A new letter of inquiry or grant proposal is eligible for consideration 12 months from the date of the declination.

If I have procedural or process questions may I contact the Foundation office?

If you have questions regarding the Foundation’s letter of inquiry or grant application process you are welcome to contact Mr. Charles W. Smith, the Managing Director/Secretary, Mr. Jeffrey Smith, the Executive Director or Mrs. Sarah Bicknell, the Grants Manager.